What happens when I publish a post?

If you’ve used an Easypromos template to create a sweepstakes in Facebook, but you don’t yet have an account created in the Dashboard, this is what will happen when you click “Publish”:


1. The post will be created, connected to the Facebook Page that you’ve selected and scheduled for publication in 30 minutes.  

2. The post will remain available on your Facebook Page, in the “Scheduled Publications” section. From here you can edit, cancel or reschedule it:

3. Your Easypromos account has now been created. From your Control Panel you’ll be able to manage the sweepstakes and carry out actions, such as viewing the participants list, selecting winners and so on.


4. To carry out a sweepstakes and obtain your winners all you need to do is connect to the Easypromos Dashboard, logging in with your Facebook username to gain access to your newly created account. 


Follow these step-by-step instructions to select the prizewinners of your sweepstakes. 

Remember, if this is the first sweepstakes you’re creating with Easypromos, it will be completely free of charge.
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