Why Can’t I Create a Facebook Giveaway?

If the platform can’t detect any administrated Page when you begin creating your giveaway, this might be for one of the following reasons:

1. The Facebook guidelines indicate that a Facebook Post giveaway may only be created on a Facebook Page, not on a Personal Profile. Should your business uses a Profile instead of a Page you’ll be shown this message: If you’d like to use this tool to run your giveaway you must first convert your company’s Facebook Profile into a Facebook Page. Follow Facebook’s instructions for more information on how to do this.

2. Check that you’re connected to Facebook via the Profile you use to manage your Pages. People often have several Facebook Profiles – for example, a personal one, plus a professional one which they use to manage Pages. If you have another tab open, in which you’re connected to Facebook through a Profile that you don’t use to manage Pages, then the platform will try and fail to link the giveaway to this Profile. If this happens:

      A) Close the Facebook session in the browser.
      B) Refresh the tab where the Easypromos Dashboard is open. You should now see the ‘Connect to Facebook’ button displayed again. Connect to Facebook using the Profile that you use to manage your Pages.


If, after Step B, your Page still doesn’t appear, try again from another browser. 

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