Can I run several draws from a single Facebook post?

Yes. With our platform you can create several draws from a single Facebook post. This allows you to carry out the following sorts of promotional actions:

- Running one draw for participants who “Like” a post and another for those who comment on it.

- Running several draws; each based on the different reactions chosen by participants, or on the hashtag they’ve used.

- Running a daily or weekly draw among participants who “Like” or comment on a post. You’ll be able to exclude past winners from taking part.


Important! To run multiple draws from a single Facebook post you must have an active subscription to Easypromos Basic or above.


How to run the different draws

The "Facebook Giveaway" app allows you to use the same Facebook post to create several draws. In this case, all the draws you create from the same post will appear listed on the public page of winners, where a drop-down will allow users to see the results of each individual draw that has been made.

For a clearer presentation of the different draws made, you can edit the name of each draw that appears in this list.


In order to create the different draws from the same Facebook post, you must follow the following steps:


1. Import the Facebook post

Click "Create New Promotion" to start setting up the giveaway.



2. Edit the title of the draw

Next, click on the pencil icon to modify the title of this first draw:



3. End the draw and pick the winners

Follow all the steps until you get the winners and alternates of this first draw. You can follow this step-by-step tutorial.


4. Import the Facebook post to make the second draw

When you need to make the second draw, you must repeat the same steps, in order to re-import the giveaway post, which will appear again in the list of posts to be selected.


Edit the title of the draw to detail that it is the second draw, and complete the entire process to get the winners of this second draw.

You’ll see that all the draw are linked to a single winners page. This enables you to display the prizewinners together. From the dropdown menu, the visitor can view the winners and alternates for every giveaway run from the post.


Each time you generate a draw from the same post, it will be added to the dropdown list. 


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