Can I Run Several Sweepstakes from a Single Facebook Post?

Yes. With our platform you can create several sweepstakes from a single Facebook post. This allows you to carry out the following sorts of promotional actions:

- Running one sweepstakes for participants who “Like” a post and another for those who comment on it.

- Running several sweepstakes; each based on the different reactions chosen by participants, or on the hashtag they’ve used.

- Running a daily or weekly sweepstakes among participants who “Like” or comment on a post. You’ll be able to exclude past winners from taking part.


Important! To run multiple sweepstakes from a single Facebook post you must have an active subscription to Easypromos Basic or above.


How do I run the sweepstakes?

1. Let’s say you want to run a daily sweepstakes among all those who “Like” a post. Create the first sweepstakes. Then, once the participation period is over, select the prizewinners. Once the first of the daily sweepstakes has ended, share the link to the Winners Page as usual.

2. When you want to carry out your second sweepstakes, access the Dashboard and create a new promotion. Choose the “Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes” option and select the corresponding Facebook Page. The post will appear in the list of publications once more, even though you’ve already carried out a sweepstakes based on it. Select the post again.



Important! If you’ve selected the same type of sweepstakes (likes or comments) for this second selection of winners, a window will appear warning you that a sweepstakes has already been carried out from this post. You’ll have no problem running another sweepstakes however. Just bear in mind that there is already one certificate of validity associated with the post. This means that if you run another sweepstakes all the certificates for your post will be public and linked in the same way.


3. The “Settings” page of the sweepstakes should now be displayed. This is where you can apply exclusions if you need to. For example, you could exclude the winner/s of the previous sweepstakes. If your intention is to carry out a sweepstakes among a specific group of participants – everyone who clicked the “Love” reaction for example – then this is also where you can select which finalists will be entered into the sweepstakes.

4. Carry out the sweepstakes to select the winners. You’ll see that all the sweepstakes are linked to a single Winners Page. This enables you to display the prizewinners together. From the dropdown menu, the visitor can view the winners and alternates for every sweepstakes run from the post.

Each time you generate a sweepstakes from the same post, it will be added to the dropdown list.


How to change the title of each sweepstakes as it appears in the dropdown menu

1. From the Promotions List, filter by "Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes" and locate all the sweepstakes run from a single post in the "Old Promotions" section.


2. Hover the cursor over the title and the “Edit” button will appear. Click on this and a window will open enabling you to change the title. Enter a short but specific name to identify the sweepstakes. Save the changes.


3. The sweepstakes will now be listed with a new title in the dropdown menu on the Winners Page, alongside the date on which it was carried out.


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