Tutorial: How to integrate Dropbox in order to download original images and videos from your contest

Easypromos can be integrated with a variety of applications to provide a better management experience for promotion administrators. In photo and video contests for example, you can integrate your Dropbox account to save original images and/or videos uploaded by participants into a Dropbox folder.

This integration is presented in the form of an optional Extension and costs $49 USD / 49 EURO to activate. It’s available in Premium and White Label versions of the platform. 


In this tutorial, you’ll find out:


How to enable Dropbox integration

When you create a Photo Contest or Video Contest application, the Media Field comes activated in the Registration Form by default. All you need to do is activate integration when you set up the Registration Form. Follow these steps:

1. Enter the promotion 'Editor'.


2. In order Enable the integration with Dropbox, go to Pages > Form > Form Fields and enable the Media Field if it's not active. Then edit the field by clicking on it and enable the Dropbox extension:


3. Now connect your Dropbox account to the contest:

Bear in mind that if this is the first time Easypromos has access to your Dropbox account, it will ask you to accept permissions. You must accept these to activate integration


4. Once these changes are made, the Editor Screen will show you that the integration has been enabled correctly. Click on the option "Save uploaded pictures in Dropbox" to automatically save the pictures on your Dropbox account after the users register.

If your contest is not yet active, you’ll be charged for the Extension when you activate the promotion. At that point the integration will become operational.


How to download original images and videos

One your Dropbox account has been connected, the images and videos that participants upload to the application via the Registration Form will be collected in a folder inside Dropbox. Inside your Dropbox account you’ll find a folder with the name "Easypromos" followed by the ID number of your promotion. All the media content uploaded by your participants will be inside this folder.


You can then use Dropbox’s own tools to download the material to your computer or alternative storage device.  


How to change the name of the folder in which videos and images are saved

By default, the folder created in your Dropbox for storing media content will have this format: "Easypromos_ID promotion". However, once you’ve activated integration with this platform you can change the name of the folder by accessing Integrations>Dropbox:


Change the name of the corresponding field and click “Save” to make the changes.


Note: we recommend renaming the folder before the contest starts and not making any changes if there are already videos and/or photos stored


My contest already has participants. How can I synchronize it with Dropbox to obtain all the original images or videos?

If your contest is already underway and you’re interested in recovering the original images and videos, you can activate the Dropbox Extension at any moment for a cost of 49€/$49USD.
Follow these steps:

1. Access the Integrations/Dropbox of your promotion:


2. Click on “Add Extension” and you’ll be directed to the payment screen. Once you’ve made the payment you’ll be returned to Integrations/Dropbox and you’ll see that the extension has been activated


3. Click on the "Connect with Dropbox" button to link your account to the promotion so that photos and videos from the contest can be stored there.

If this is the first time that Easypromos has access to your Dropbox account, it will ask you to accept permissions so that it can access your files and folders.


The Integrations > Dropbox screen will show the activated Dropbox connection. This is your opportunity to change the name of the folder if you want. Save the changes.

Note: we don’t recommend changing the name of the folder once you’ve started importing media content to it. If you need to change the name, do so before taking the next step.

4. To start importing original videos and images to your Dropbox account, synchronize material that has been uploaded to the platform from those participants already registered. To do this, go to the "Participants" section.


Click on the "Dropbox Sync" button to activate synchronization:


A pop-up window will ask you to confirm that you wish to synchronize the photo/video files with your Dropbox folder. By clicking on "Synchronize Now" you initiate the process. This will be confirmed with another message and an email that you’ll receive once synchronization has finalized.

5. From this moment onwards, each time a video or image is uploaded it will be stored directly in your Dropbox folder, adding to any material that has already been synchronized. Go to your Dropbox and you’ll find the promotion folder containing material from the contest:

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