I want to create a Facebook Giveaway but I see a blank page and I can’t move forward. What can I do?

In order to create a Facebook Giveaway from the Easypromos dashboard, the application will ask you as a first step to login onto your Facebook account. You must connect with the Facebook user that is administrator of the page where you wish to carry out the giveaway.

In this way, the “Set up your giveaway” page will be the first page that you’ll see, where you’ll find the “Connect with Facebook” button to login from here. You’ll also see the other options that will allow you to start setting up your giveaway:



Can’t see the “Connect with Facebook” button?

If you have arrived at this page but can’t see the “Connect with Facebook” button, nor any other option to set up your giveaway, but all you see is a blank page, it can be due to the 2 reasons below:


1. Extensions installed in your browser: the browser used has an extension installed that blocks the traffic to Facebook from external websites. Thus, what these extensions do is block the Facebook Login buttons or any other Facebook plugin, thus preventing to move forward with the giveaway settings.

It happens with “Ad block” and “Disconnect” extensions, for example.

> To fix it, take the following actions: 

  • Disable the extensions installed in your browser.
  • Try it with the browser with incognito mode (the incognito mode disables the extensions).
  • Directly try it with a different browser.


2. Antivirus installed in your browser: If you have tried it with different browsers and you keep experiencing the same problem, it means that you have an antivirus software installed in your computer that behaves the same way as the browser extensions, that is, the antivirus is blocking the traffic to Facebook from any Internet browser.

It happens with the Kaspersky Antivirus software, for example. 

> To fix it, take the following actions: 

  • Check the antivirus software and pause it temporarily.
  • Try it with a different computer or device. 
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