How to activate the new Prize Management system in the promotion

Until January 31, 2018, the new Prize Management system is implemented but works in Beta mode. This phase allows you to create promotions for your internal tests, but not activate them for your clients or for a real action without telling us before to be able to follow up.


How do I enable the Prize Management system?


It can be enabled in any Premium or White Label promotion.

1. Create a promotion and write down the ID.

2. Go to and change the URL according to the version of your promotion (premium instead of wl) and the ID of your promotion.

3. When you click "CONFIRM" the Prize system will be enabled in your promotion and you will be taken to the Editor of your promotion.

For any question or problem you might have, you can contact us at, tell us the ID of the promotion and let us know that you have enabled the prize system and tell us your question or problem. We'll be pleased to help!


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