CLOSED - Facebook Bug: Broken links to user public profiles


Since April 19, 2018, Facebook has two incidents that affect all the worldwide applications:

  • Links to a public user profile from an application, respond with a 404 error, "Page does not exist"
  • Facebook does not show the profile photos of the users.


You can follow the problem reported to Facebook in this link:


We will inform in this link of the evolution of the incidence of Facebook.


[UPDATE 20 APRIL 2018]

Facebook has published a communication indicating that on April 19 they made an action without notice on their platform, because they detected that there were Spiders / Spiders / Scripts / Crawlers / Bots that automatically scanned their platform to obtain names, photos and links from Public profiles of Facebook.

Facebook has made an immediate action that is that all links to user profiles that are not made directly from within, return a broken link, or error 404 Page not found.

This is the reason why currently no links to public Facebook user profiles work for them.

Within the performance of Facebook, they also temporarily removed the possibility of showing the photos of the users, but a few hours after the release intermittently the user photos may appear.

According to the Facebook statement, they have prioritized the security of the platform, disabling the links, and their security team is working to provide a solution to the current problem of the links so that the apps can work as well.

Facebook Communique of April 20:



In Easypromos, as an emergency action, we will disable users' images during the day, until Facebook confirms that they have a solution.


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