How to create an ads campaign with Facebook Ads for your promotion from Easypromos

After setting up and working on your promotion, it is time to launch it and make it public so that users start to participate, and in this sense, one of the best tools to give visibility to a promotion or contest is to make an ads campaign on Facebook, which will allow you to define your audience and reach your target.

To streamline the management of your ads campaigns, all promotions created with the Premium and the White Label versions incorporate the functionality "Ads campaign with Facebook Ads", which allows you to activate your Facebook Ads campaign directly from the promotion management page, that is, without leaving Easypromos.

Discover here how the Facebook Ads campaigns created from Easypromos work and the main benefits they present with respect to setting it up in the Facebook Ads Manager.

In this tutorial we explain all the steps to create your ads campaign with Facebook Ads from Easypromos to get the most visibility for your promotion or contest, and how to check the statistics of your campaign to measure the results you have obtained.


Here we present the contents of this tutorial:


1. How to set up the ads campaign

In order to create the ads campaign, the promotion must have the following characteristics:

  • The promotion must have been created with the Premium or the White Label version.
  • The promotion must be activated.


To create your ads campaign you should follow these steps:

1. From the promotion management page, click on the section "Ads campaign":


2. Next, click on the "Start now" button to start setting up your ads campaign.

3. The configuration options of your campaign that you will find available are the following:

A. Customize the content of the ad itself. By default, Easypromos creates an automatic ads based on the creatives and texts that you used in the promotion. Even so, you have the possibility to modify the contents of the ads by personalizing the following points:

  • Text of the ad.
  • Image of the ad.

Note: Remember that the image must have low word density and meet the parameters indicated by Facebook so that the ad has the maximum performance.


B. Determine your target audience. The most important point of your campaign to get the maximum conversion possible is to specify to which audience you want to impact with the ad, and you can define it from the following elements:

  • Gender: men, women or both.
  • Age range.
  • Interests: you can indicate one or several interests. You will have a very complete and intuitive interest selector.
  • Geographical area: delimited by one or several countries, or delimited at the level of city or cities, defining even a radius around.


C. Budget. Indicate how much you want to invest in your ad taking into account your budget, the range of the audience you are targeting and the days you want the campaign to last. The tool will distribute the budget optimally throughout the duration of the campaign.

We explain in the following video how to create and configure your advertising campaign step by step:

2. What statistics can you obtain?

The statistics of the ads campaigns are 100% integrated with the statistics of the promotion itself, so you can see the progress of your campaign directly from the control panel and know how many interactions with your brand the promotion has had, how many participants has your Facebook ad generated and who these participants are.

From the "Ads campaign" section you can see the following statistics of your advertising campaign:


  • Reach that the ad has had.
  • Number of interactions the ad has had.
  • Number of participants that the ad has generated.
  • Additionally, from "Participants" section you will be able to know which are the participants that have come through the ad campaign.


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