Sporadic errors in the Facebook API that affect the import of comments from Instagram and Facebook posts

Last update: 1st August 2018, 5:15pm (UTC)

Bug status: Open

Today, August 1, from 10am UTC Facebook is experiencing numerous connection and latency problems due to a major update of the platform.


These problems in Facebook are affecting the tools Instagram Sweepstakes and Facebook Sweepstakes and causes that it's not always possible to import all the comments. The problems in Facebook are random so at times it may work, others not.

These problems have been reported to Facebook who have responded that they are investigating the issue. This is the official Facebook page where they will inform about the progress of the bug:


Facebook has not indicated an estimated solution time. We will keep informing about the progress in the following hours.

For clients who are affected by this bug, our recommendation is to try again within a few hours. If it's urgent to finish the sweepstakes, the client can try to delete the current sweepstakes, create a new one and import the post again.

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