Promotion Group - How to use your own domain to communicate your Promotion group

Groups created with the White Label version of the platform allow you to use your own domain to communicate the campaign.

Using your own domain will allow you to:

  • Communicate the Group with your own URL.
  • Publish the Group as a microsite with your domain URL.
  • Users will share the Group link with your domain.

You can use 1 root domain or 1 subdomain. Examples:

  • Subdomain:,
  • Root domain:,


Step-by-step configuration

It's only possible to use your own domain in White Label Groups.



In order to use your own domain, you will need first to take this step:

Create an A record in the DNS of the domain, that points to IP address

Note 1: This step must be done outside of the Easypromos administration panel. If you have any doubt about this first step, you should contact with your domain provider or the person who manages DNS services on your domain. 

Note 2: The creation of an A record can take up to 24 hours to take effect.



Once you have created the A record, contact the Easypromos support team by sending an email to, and providing the information that we detail below:

  • URL of your custom domain.
  • ID of your Group of promotions.
  • ID of your Easypromos account.

With this information, our colleagues from the technical team will link the custom domain with your Promotion groups. This action by our technical team does not have any additional cost.

In addition, activation of HTTPS support for your custom domain will be included at no cost.

Note: Linking the custom domain with your Promotion Group can take up to 48 hours.

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