Tutorial: How to use a Premium List Giveaway promotion

With the List Giveaway app, which is available with the Basic and the Basic PRO plan, you can carry out a random draw from a list of users that you import from Excel, CSV or a text file. This app allows you to run quick draws with a certificate of validity which makes it the ideal app if you need to run a random draw among the users you have in a list, in a quick and secure manner.

In the Premium and White Label versions of the applications "Entry Form Giveaway" and "Distribute Coupon Codes", you can also import the participants from an Excel/CSV file. This option gives access to some of the Premium features, for example:

  • Use the Prize management system, specifically, it's possible to assign prizes in two ways:
    • 'By random draw': You can carry out a random draw among all users from the imported list.
    • 'By manual assignment': You can, for example, assign a unique coupon code to every user on the list.
  • Run random draws with more than 1000 winners per draw.
  • The system includes a feature that detects errors in the email addresses in the uploaded file to help the administrator detect the errors and correct them before running the draw.


What you should know before beginning:

To be able to import participants from an Excel/CSV file, the promotion should meet the following conditions:

  • The type of promotion should be "Entry Form Giveaway" or "Distribute Coupon Codes".
  • The promotion needs to be created in the Premium or White Label version.
  • The promotion needs to be activated before you can import the file.


Here's the step-by-step to how to run this type of sweepstakes:


Step 1. Crete your Easypromos account

Is it your first sweepstakes with Easypromos? First of all, you should create your account which is completely free. To do so, click here and register with your email address and a password:



Note: If you already have an Easypromos account, click on this link to access your account.


Step 2. Create the promotion

Create a new promotion by clicking on the button "Create new promotion". You should select one of the two following promotion types:

  • Entry Form Giveaway
  • Distribute Coupon Codes



Step 3. Activate the promotion

To be able to upload and import the list of participants to the promotion, it needs to be active. Click on the green "Activate promotion" button on the main management page of the promotion to move the promotion from "draft" to "active":



Step 4. Import the list of participants

Once the promotion is active, you can import the Excel/CSV file with the list of participants. To do so, you should follow these steps:


1. From the main management page of the promotion, click on "Participants" in the menu on the left:


2. Here you will see two options: add participants one by one, and import the participants with bulk upload from a CSV file. Click on the second option.


3. Next, you should select one of the two following ways to upload the list of participants:

  • Copy/paste from a file: if you have the list of participants in a text document or Excel, for example, you can use this option to import the list, just by copying and pasting the list in the field.
  • CSV file: select this option if you have the list of participants in a CSV file. Click to find the file on your computer and import it to the sweepstakes.

4. When you import the list of participants, you will see the import options:


1. If the list contains headers, select this option and it will be easier for you to identify and manage the columns.

2. By default, the most appropriate tabulation will be selected. Select another option if you don't see the participant data separated by columns as it should.

3. You can preview how the data will be imported. As you will see, not all names are shown here but only a sample and the last one to show the total number of rows/users.

4. Next, you should link the different fields with the columns that the list has.

5. Finally, click on 'Insert users' to initiate the import of the list of participants.

Note: You will receive an email when the import of the file has finalized.


You can see the previous steps in this 1-minute video:

Step 5. Assign prizes

When the list of participants has been uploaded, the next step is to assign the prize or the prizes that you're going to give away in your promotion.

Here we explain the two ways that you can assign prizes in this type of promotion, according to the type of prize that you have created:


1. Assign a prize "By random draw": Run a draw among all participants

You can raffle one or more prizes randomly among the users from the list that you've imported. The system will allow you to apply filters to the list of participants to create segments or run a draw among all the participants on the list.

To do so, follow this step-by-step guide that explains how to create a prize and how to run a sweepstakes.


2. Assign a prize 'By manual assignment': Give a coupon code to all participants

This option allows you to assign a unique promotional code to each of the participants on the list. Furthermore, you can use the Email Platform to send the code to each user by email.

To do so, you should follow these steps:


Step 1. Create the prize

Access the Editor > General > Prizes and create a 'By Manual assignment' prize to be able to set up the list of codes that you want to distribute among the users.


Next, in the prize options, check the option 'Do you want this prize to be a promotional code?' and create a "code set" to upload the list of codes that you want to distribute. 



Step 2. Select the participants that you want to send the code to

1. Access the 'Participants' list and in the "Filter" tool, apply the filter Status > Equal to > Accepted. This filter will select all the participants on the list.

2. Now, in the bulk actions, select the option "Assign prize manually":


3. A pop-up will open where you need to select the prize that you want to assign:


4. When you click on the 'Continue' button, the system will assign a code from the prize to each of the participants on the list:



Step 3. Send the promotional code to each winner by email

Finally, as the last step, we recommend that you create an email in the Email Platform to send the promotional code by email to each of the winners. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new email and add a title that will allow you to identify it.
  2. Select the email type "Manual".
  3. In 'Recipients', select 'Prizes' in Filter and the prize in question in Values for condition, and add this filter by click on the green + button.
  4. In the "From name" field, write the name of the sender that participants will see when receiving the email. Optionally, in the "Reply to" field, you can type the sender's address, in case you want the users to be able to respond to the email.
  5. Write the email informing the recipient about the prize along with instructions about how and where to redeem the code. Use the “smart tags” to customize the email. You can, for example, use the smart tag {{prize-summary}} that will show as a small text block that includes the name of the prize as well as the alphanumeric code that has been assigned to each participant.
  6. Click on "add" to generate the email. Review the general options to configure the signature of the email, along with the header and footer images.
  7. Send a test of the email to yourself to see what it looks like and check if everything is working correctly. If everything is correct, then click on "Confirm and send".


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