2020-09-02 - New "Minesweeper" game and a new option to limit registration to users who've completed the game

On 2 September 2020, the Easypromos tech team has implemented an update to the platform that is related to the applications included in the category "Games". This update introduces the following two new features: 

  1. New option: Limit registration to the users that have completed the game

  2. New game: Minesweeper


1. New option: Limit registration to the users that have completed the game

We've added this new option to the set-up of the games so the administrator can disable the registration form of the promotion in case the participant doesn't complete the game. This means that if you activate this option, only the users that have completed the game can register.

The characteristics of this option are the following: 

  • This option can only be applied in games that don't have the login system enabled. 
  • When you enable this option, the user needs to complete the game within the established time limit to be able to register in the promotion.
  • This option is disabled per default when you create the promotion, which means that users can register in the promotion having completed the game or not.

The option "Don't allow users to register until they complete the game" is placed in the "Gameplay settings" tab of the game:



2. New game: Minesweeper

We've added a new application to the Easypromos platform in the Games category: "Minesweeper" which allows you to customize the icons of the mines and the flags and let users play and avoid the mines.

The game is like the traditional Minesweeper game and we have added the following elements so that our clients can customize the game to match the brand image and the purpose of the game: 

  • Customization of all colors and texts of the game to adapt the design to the corporate brand image.
  • Customization of the mine and flag icons, so the game can be customized with the brand image and products.
  • Customization of the grid by adjusting the number of squares on the board.
  • Fraud control system included to ensure fair competition.
  • Set the number of mines hidden in the grid to adjust the difficulty level.
  • Set the time limit by limiting the seconds the users have to complete the game (from 30 to 300 seconds).
  • Score based on the number of revealed squares and the time needed to solve the game. Every participant gets a score based on two parameters: points for each revealed square and points for the remaining time once the game is completed.
  • Ranking. The users' score is what places them on the ranking of all the participants.
  • Set the number of tries/entries for each user as well as the frequency of participation.
  • Multi-language option. It's possible to set up the game in several languages.
  • Option to restrict the game by country or users' age, so you can limit the game to your target audience.
  • Include instructions that will be displayed as a guide on the game screen to help the users understand the game.
  • Customization of the OK and KO screens of the game to show the users a summary of their game and the score.
  • Customization of the registration form so you can ask the participants for the data you need. 
  • Manage Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and other consent options.


Here you can learn, step by step, how to create a Minesweeper game.

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