How can you use hashtags in an Instagram comments giveaway?

The Instagram Giveaway app presents a section where the hashtags used by participants in their comments are displayed.


In this section you can see all the hashtags graphically, including the total number of times each one has been used and the percentage of its use, thus enabling you to see which hashtag has been employed most by users.


Limit the sweepstakes to users who have answered with a specific hashtag

The section also offers the option of selecting the hashtags that you would like to include in the sweepstakes. If you don’t select any hashtag, all comments will enter the sweepstakes; if you do select a hashtag, only those users who have used it will enter the sweepstakes – the rest will be excluded. It’s also possible to select several hashtags: in this case, a user who uses any one of these selected hashtags will enter the sweepstakes.

Note: You can limit the participation to a single hashtag in comments by enabling the exclusion rule: “Exclude users who use more than one hashtag".


Ideas for sweepstakes using hashtags


1. Create a survey asking users to indicate with a hashtag the option they like most.


You could carry out a sweepstakes between all users who have answered using one of your suggested hashtags, and also include any other hashtags of your choice. Of course, you could also enter those finalists who have answered with a specific hashtag – for example, the one that got the most mentions.


Note: You should select all the hashtags that you want to enter in the sweepstakes. If you don’t select any, all the comments will be entered, whether they include hashtag or not.


2. Create a poll by way of a post and indicate the hashtags that may be used. 


You can carry out the sweepstakes among all users who have answered with the winning hashtag, for example, #RyanGossling.


In the next section of the sweepstakes, you can select the option “Exclude users with more than one hashtag” so that participants who have made a comment using two hashtags cannot enter the sweepstakes.



3. Promote a video

Have you just released a video and you are interested in promoting it? Post it on Instagram and ask users a question related to the content of the video. Here's an example:


From the sweepstakes management page you can filter the participants to enter the draw only the users who have answered the question correctly. 

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