API Documentation

The Easypromos API allows you to perform some of the operations that you do with our web client.

The API is built using REST principles which ensures predictable URLs that make writing applications easy. The API follows HTTP rules, enable a wide range of HTTP clients can be used to interact with the API.

() *API REST is only available with White Label and Corporate plans.


Note: If you want to get the information of registered users in real-time, consider using the webhooks instead of the REST API.



All Easypromos API calls need to be authenticated using an auth token. You can obtain an auth token from your Easypromos account, in the "Utilities" menu. How to obtain an auth token.

The auth token must be included as a GET parameter for every endpoint call.

The name of the parameter for the auth token is: access_token

Example: https://wl.easypromosapp.com/api/promotions/?access_token={your_authtoken}



Go to endpoints reference and specification

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