How can I show again a promotion that is already expired?

Once the 'End of publication date' is reached, the app will be unpublished and it won't be visible any more. A blank screen is activated with the message "The promotion has expired".

If you want to show it again, you must extend the 'End of publication date' from the promotion management page.

1. Access to Easypromos' Administration Panel through this link:

2. Locate the promotion:


3. Once in the promotion's management page, you will see the section 'Promotion Status' which is in red, as 'Expired'. Select the option which suits better for you and decide what to show in the promotion URL:



  • Show expired message. It is the default behavior. Users visiting the promotion URL will see a blank screen with the message "The promotion has expired".
  • Show promotion. The promotion landing page will be shown again, but participation won't be active.
  • Show winners. This option appears when the winners page is published. You can lead your promotion visitors to directly check the winners.
  • Show gallery. The entries list page will be shown again. 
  • Redirect to URL. Use this option if you prefer to redirect to an external web those users who visit the promotion URL when it is already finished. It will allow you to write the URL domain and users will be redirected there.

The promotion can stay visible all the time you want.

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