How can I do a real test of the promotion before I communicate it?

Firstly, remember that you can always share the 'Preview' page of your promotion while it is still in Drafts, but take into account that the preview area doesn't offer functionalities. This means that for example the application doesn't require to complete the registration form in order to access the next screen.



How to do a real test

In order to do a real test, you can follow these steps.

1. Activate the promotion.

2. Check that publication date and start of registration date have been reached or change them to a present date, so that participation is allowed.

3. Protect the promotion with a password

4. By default, the promotion is not published on a Facebook page so if you do not spread the promotion's main link, nobody will know or access to it.

5. Share the promotion's main link that you will find on the management page:


6. Once you have the promotion ready to publish, change the promotions dates if necessary, eliminate the password and install as an app on your Facebook page if you want.

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