How can I cancel a monthly/annual subscription?

A monthly/annual subscription can be cancelled at any time from the administration panel. The cancellation means:

  • That from the month/year following the payment already collected, the automatic subscription charge will no longer be made.
  • That any contests which would have been active and not yet finalized at the time of cancellation will be deactivated, meaning that the contest will cease to be publically visible and no new users will be able to take part after the cancellation date. However, the client will be able to continue to access the contest in order to extract information about the participants.


To cancel your subscription you can follow these steps:

1. Access the Easypromos Dashboard and in the upper right corner click on the pencil icon to access the management of your subscription:


3. Then click on the "Deactivate" option to cancel the automatic renewal:


4. You'll be asked to confim that you really want to delete your subscription. To confirm, you need to write the word 'CANCEL' in the field.


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