How can I contract and activate a Plan for unlimited promotions?

In order to activate a Plan to create unlimited promotions you can follow these steps:


1. Access the Easypromos Dashboard by clicking on this link

2. You must go to the tap of the plans and click on "Upgrade to a paid plan":


3. Then select the Plan you wish to activate:



4. You'll see on screen the Contract details of the Plan that you have selected. Once you have reviewed the conditions, click on "Continue" to proceed with the activation of your Plan:


5. Finally, you will access the purchase summary page, where you can review the final price of the selected plan and the billing information that will be used to generate the invoice. Click on "Edit" in case you need to use a different billing information:


When you are ready to activate the Plan, click on the "Continue" button and the system will take you to the payment gateway, where you can make the payment by credit card or PayPal.

6. Once you have activated your Plan, you can check the status of the Plan at all times from the "Your active plans" section:


Note: By default, the renewal of the monthly Plan is automatic, but in case you do not wish to renew the Plan for a second month, you can follow these instructions to deactivate the automatic renewal.

7. You will find the invoice for your Plan in the dashboard, in the "Account Configuration" menu, on the "View invoices" section. View instructions

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