How to Notify Winners of a Giveaway Carried Out Via Comments on a Facebook Page

In a giveaway based on comments posted to a Facebook Page, winners are selected by way of a random draw among all participants carried out by the application.

Once the contest winners have been established, the next step is to announce the winners and get in touch with them. The best way of doing this is to answer each winner’s comment directly. This ensures that every winner will automatically receive a Facebook notification informing them that the Page has replied to their comment.

In order to help the administrator with this task, the platform includes a feature enabling you to notify winners by responding to their comments. This response message is 100% customizable by the administrator. The notifications can be the same for all winners or they can be unique for each one.


Below, we provide a step-by-step outline of how to set up and customize the notification of winners:


1. When you’ve carried out a giveaway the name of the winner/s and alternate/s will appear in your control panel.  


2. At the bottom of the page there are two URLs that you can use to share both the Certificate of Validity and the Winners Page.  


3. You can customize the Winners Page to your liking by adding an image and modifying the title and description. You can also enable or disable the Claim Your Prize module. 


4. Next, we suggest that you activate the Claim Your Prize option. This permits you to set up a direct channel with the winners of Facebook and Twitter giveaway. This will enable the administrator to manage communication with prizewinners more easily.

If you enable this module, winners can enjoy a direct method for confirming that they accept the prize and for leaving their personal details. The brand or company can then quickly contact them and award the prize. In this link we explain how to activate and configure this module. 


5. Finally, click on the ‘Send’ button to customize and publish the comment that will posted as a response to the winning user’s comment. 



A small window will open with all the options that you are able to configure:

  • Send to: Decide the winners you want to send the notification to. If you have several winners, you can decide whether you want to send the notification to:
    • One winner. From the list of winners, you’ll be able to select the winner you want to send the notification. You'll be able to repeat the action to send the notification to other winners. 
    • All the winners. You’ll be able to send the notification to all the winners at once. This option is only available for giveaway with a maximum of 10 winners. In order to prevent Facebook to consider this action as spam or suspicious activity, these comments will be sent gradually.
  • Comment: Customize the notification that will be sent as a response to the winner’s comment. The system provides a default message which includes the link to the winners page, but you can edit it to customize your own comment.


6. Once your comment has been sent, each winning user will receive a direct notification via Facebook informing them that you’ve left a comment and that they have won a prize.  This notification will be displayed publically on your Page in the form of a response to the winning user’s original comment; this can be seen in the image below: 


Tutorial: Giveaway based on Likes or Comments on a Facebook post. 

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