Can I replace one of the winners of my giveaway with an alternate?

Have you carried out a giveaway but are unable to get in touch with one of the prizewinners? Have you carried out a giveaway among users who live in a particular region but have now discovered that the winner lives outside the region? Is the winner not eligible for the prize for some reason? 

To provide a solution to situations such as these, we offer you a tool for managing alternates. This tool is available for all the Easypromos giveaway and it enables you to replace winners with alternates.

Below, we explain how the tool works and how you can replace winners with alternates in your giveaway.


How to replace a winner with an alternate

The first important step in using this tool is to request that the application also provide you with a list of alternate winners when it carries out the giveaway.

What is the recommended number of alternates? That will depend on the number of prizewinners, but we suggest that you always request more alternates than winners. For example, if you need 10 winners, you could request 15-20 alternates.



Once your giveaway has been carried out and you have lists of winners and alternates, follow these steps to carry out any substitution of winners:


1. From the Winners Management page, click on ‘Manage’:



3. This will open a small window where you will see a list of winners. Click on the ‘Replace Winner’ icon to make the change:


4. A new window will open. Here you’ll find the following options:

  • Replace with: Select the alternate who you wish to replace the winner.
  • Reason of the replacement: Explain the motive behind the change. This will be published in the Certificate of Validity of your giveaway.


5. Once the substitution has been carried out, an icon on the Winners Management Page will indicate the changes you have made. If you hover the mouse cursor over the name of the winner you’ll see the date the change was made and the reason for it:


6. To ensure that the giveaway provides transparency, any substitution you carry out will be indicated in the giveaway's Certificate of Validity, as shown in the following screenshot:


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