Conditions for importing publications in the Mention + Hashtag Contest

If you have organized a 'Mention + Hashtag Contest' and you notice that in your contest some photo/video posted on Twitter/Instagram by users has not been automatically imported into the gallery, it means that for some reason the Twitter/Instagram API can't return these publications and, therefore, it has not been possible to import them.

In this tutorial we explain the 6 main reasons why a photo/video has not been imported automatically. In addition, we explain how the tool to manually add the photos/videos that have not been imported. 

  1. Main reasons why a publication has not been imported:
  2. How to manually add publications that have not been imported


1. Main reasons why a publication has not been imported

The 6 reasons why a photo/video has not been imported automatically can be:

1. The user has the profile set to private

Make sure that the participant's Twitter or Instagram profile is public and not private. The profile of the user must be public at the moment of publishing the photo/video. It's not possible for the administrator to add them manually either.


2. The integration with Twitter/Instagram is disabled

The integration with Twitter/Instagram must be enabled from the beginning, as in order to import the photos/videos published by the users, these publications must be real-time monitored and imported. The reason is that the Instagram API does not allow retroactive searches.

Therefore, before launching the campaign, you must make sure that you have the Twitter/Instagram integration enabled. To do this, go to the "Integrations" section of your promotion and verify that the integration with Twitter and/or Instagram is enabled, as shown in the following image:


3. The photo/video has been published out of date

The photos/videos must have been published on Twitter/Instagram within the "Entry Date" configured for the contest. Therefore, if a photo/video has not been imported, make sure that it has been published within the established entry date.


4. The post has more than one photo/video

It's not possible to import more than one photo or video from one post or tweet (for example, an Instagram gallery). If more than one entry per user is allowed, they should always be posted separately in independent posts or tweets. It's not possible for the administrator to add them manually either.


5. Only Instagram: The post has been edited

The user must include the mention and the hashtag of the contest at the same time to upload the photo to Instagram, that is, the comment of the Instagram post can't be edited later to add the mention and the hashtag of the contest. This means that even if a user tags an old post with the mention and the hashtag of the contest, Instagram will not publish this post as one of the latest posts to use that hashtag, as Instagram indicates in its technical documentation. Therefore, the system will only add new Instagram posts.


6. Only Twitter: the tweet has been posted less than 10 minutes ago

In the case of Twitter, the photo, videos and texts can take a maximum of 10 minutes to be imported into the contest photo gallery. 



2. How to manually add publications that have not been imported

If for any of these reasons the participation of a user has not been imported automatically, as administrator you can manually upload the participation in the contest.

Note: Due to a Facebook API limitation, it is only possible to manually add publications that include a photo, it is not possible to add publications with video. In the same way, in case of adding a photo manually, the description of the photo will not be included.


We explain how you can add publications with photos manually: 

1. Access to the promotion's management page and click on "Participants". 


2. Click on "Add participants":


3. Then select Twitter or Instagram depending on the participation origin.


4. Obtain the tweet URL or the Instagram post URL that you want to upload and paste it in the corresponding field.



5. Click on "Search" button and you will see the information of the tweet or post. Confirm that you can add it by clicking on "Add" button.



The participation will be added to the entries list: 


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