Tutorial: How to sync the promotion database with MailChimp

In all promotions created with Easypromos the administrator has the chance to obtain the email of participants. This list of participants can be downloaded in an Excel file. For convenience, with the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos, you can sync and import the data of registered users to a MailChimp emails list.


Which actions can be carried out?

1. Manually export and sync the emails of promotion participants to any MailChimp email list.   

2. Program the automatic synchronization of participants’ emails to the desired MailChimp list.

3. Link the fields of the promotion’s registration form with the fields of the MailChimp list.


Important: In order to import the emails of participants to your MailChimp email lists, you should activate the “Email” field of the users’ registration form so that users can enter their email address when registering for the promotion.


To begin, the administrator should have an active MailChimp account, as well as an email list already created. The emails of all the users who have participated in the promotion will be imported to this list.

Once the MailChimp account has been set up and the email list created you must follow these steps in order to sync the database of your promotion with MailChimp:


1. Access the Easypromos Control Panel via this link: http://admin.easypromosapp.com

2. Locate the promotion from which you want to import emails and click on the “Promotion settings” option:

3. Once you are in the control panel of the promotion, click on the “Integrations” option that you can find in the menu on the left:


4. Then click on the MailChimp image to sync the database of the promotion:


5. You will gain access to the MailChimp module’s set up page, where you should enter the API of your account. This will enable you to sync the promotion database with your MailChimp account. To obtain the API, you must first have an active MailChimp account. You can then find your API by accessing your account settings. Here we explain how to obtain the API.

6. Once you have the API of your MailChimp account, you should enter it into the “Your MailChimp API Key” field and then click on the ‘Refresh’ icon:


7. Once the API of your MailChimp account has been saved, the different email lists that you have created in MailChimp will appear. Once you’ve reached this point, the application will let you import the data of the participants.

To start the synchronization of the database of the promotion you should select one of the lists:


8. A column will then appear on the left containing the different configured fields of the registration form, as well as the “email” field that always appears by default. At this point you should map the different registration fields with the fields of the MailChimp email list, as shown below:

9. Once all the fields of the registration form have been mapped with the MailChimp list you can begin the importing by clicking on the “Import now” button.

Note: If you want the application itself to automatically sync and import the emails of users to MailChimp while users register for the promotion, check the “Automatically import emails”. Users will be automatically imported in a maximum period of 10 minutes.

10. After following these steps, the application will have imported all the emails of the users registered in the promotion to your MailChimp account and these will now appear in your email lists:


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