Publication and Dissemination - Registering multiple users in a fair, congress or event

The Easypromos platform can be used to prepare promotions for a variety of situations, including congresses and fairs. In these types of events it is common for companies to encourage attendees to visit their stands by offering them prizes for taking part in a survey, sweepstakes, questionnaire or similar. A tablet or mobile device with an internet connection is usually used to register all the participants. The device must be prepared beforehand for its continued multiuse.

Below we outline three important questions to consider when preparing this type of action:

  1. How should I prepare the mobile device before the event?
  2. How should I set up the application?
  3. What will the participation process be like?


1. How should I prepare the mobile device before the event?

Part of your general preparation for the promotion should involve setting up the mobile devices that you’ll use during the event. This will ensure that your promotional action goes without a hitch. Check out this article containing tips on how to prepare your mobile device or tablet.


2. How should I set up the app?

You can learn more about the general promotion setup by checking out the corresponding tutorial, but here are some options you should pay particular attention to. These features can all be customized via the “Editor” tool.

  • Sign-in. User identification should always be via email. For this reason you should make sure that the "Social login" functionality is disabled, by going to Pages > Entry form > Social login:



  • Set the "Maximum entries per user" according to the number of times you want users to be able to participate with the same email address. In the "Anti-fraud options" section, ensure that 'Max. entries by Browser/IP' is 0, and that 'Frequency of participation from the same IP' is disabled, so they don’t impede multiple participations from the same device.You can find this option in Pages > Entry form > Options



  • Thank you page. You can use an extra feature which allows you to enable a button on the final page. This feature is specifically designed for carrying out surveys of multiple participants on a single device and it gives users the opportunity to finalize their participations manually. You can activate the “Disconnect and start over” button and modify the text. You can find this option in Pages > Thank you > Options.


3. What will the participation process be like?

Once the app and the tablet are prepared, the participation experience will be as follows:

  1. When the user picks up the pre-prepared tablet he or she will see the promotion home page. The user should now click on the “Participate” button.



  1. In the case of apps involving surveys, quizzes, multiple-choice tests and betting pools, the participant will now answer the questions. 



  1. The registration form will now be displayed and should be completed by the user. 



  1. By clicking on "Finalize", the application will identify the user by his or her email. For this reason it is then necessary to "Disconnect" so that the participant’s session finalizes and the next participant can begin the registration process. If you’re carrying out a survey and have enabled the "Disconnect and start again" button, the user can click on this button and the app will automatically return to the home page.


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