How much data security and technical reliability does the Easypromos platform provide?

All the data of promotion participants belongs to the promotion organizer. This data is housed in our systems. However, as indicated in our Privacy Policy, Easypromos will UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES make use of users’ data. We only store the information; it is owned by the company organizing the promotion.

Moreover, the success of a promotion depends on the reliability of the technological platform from which the promotion is carried out. The platform should be capable of serving the promotion to users quickly, offering a generally positive experience, and withstanding high peaks in traffic without collapsing.

Below, we outline the technical aspects of the Easypromos platform which guarantee the highest level of data security and platform reliability.


Data hosting and security

Easypromos uses Cloud infrastructure to house our entire technological infrastructure. Our Cloud provider is Google Cloud Platform.

All the data collected by Easypromos is housed in Google’s data center in St. Ghislain (Belgium). You can find more information about this data center here:

The infrastructure, technology and processes of the Google Cloud Platform are focused primarily on the protection, privacy and security of the data housed in its installations:

  • Security policy of the Google Cloud Platform:
  • Safety certificates of the Google Cloud Platform:
  • In its use of the data center in Belgium, the Google Cloud platform is in compliance with EU directives on data protection and privacy:


Scalability, performance and reliability

By housing our platform in Google Cloud we are ensured unlimited resources for infrastructure. The platform has been designed to scale automatically in response to the volume of traffic received.

This enables us to guarantee that we have the capacity to support any volume of traffic or quantity of participants in a promotion.

Note: If you’re expecting more than 10,000 user visits per minute, get in touch with us so that we can provide you with the resources you’ll need for a successful promotion.

Easypromos uses Docker technology to bundle together the various services of our software.


Monitoring, traceability and backup

All software and hardware services of the Easypromos platform are continually monitored. Each monitored service has a security limit. If the security service is exceeded, an alert will be received by our security team who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each alert is dealt with according to its level of criticality. All activities and actions carried out by the following:

  • users participating in promotions
  • promotion organizers logging in to their dashboard
  • Easypromos systems administrators

are registered and recorded in a centralized console so that it’s always possible to view the history of any action.

All Easypromos data is replicated automatically in mirror systems for immediate data recovery. Also, two complete security copies are made each day and saved for a period of up to 2 months.


Our subcontracted providers and their compliance with data privacy

In Easypromos we work with two providers who help us manage our infrastructure:




  • Official Partner of Google
  • ACKSTORM carries out the 24-hour maintenance and monitoring of Easypromos services. ACKSTORM is commissioned to process third-party data housed by Easypromos.
  • ACKSTORM has access to the data but will not carry out any actions with it. If you’d like to see the commissioning contract between Easypromos and ACKSTORM, please contact us here.




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