Why do I have to select at least one alternate?

When you use the Easypromos Winners Tool to randomly select one or more winners, it’s important to always define how many alternates you’d like to obtain.

Alternates are participants who remain "in reserve". They’re chosen at random, ready to substitute the winner or winners in case one of the winners doesn’t accept the prize, can’t be located, or has been disqualified.


From our experience with the platform, defining at least one alternate per giveaway is necessary to ensure effective post-giveaway management. Keep in mind the following:

  • If there are alternates, the organizer can directly substitute the winner for the alternate. This is because alternates are selected at random, expressly for the purpose of resolving cases like those outlined above. We recommend that you also use the legal bases to inform participants how the prize will be managed with regards winners and alternates. It should be made clear under which circumstances the organizer may decide to award the prize to an alternate winner.
  • Once a giveaway has been carried out, it can’t be canceled. This is because a Certificate of Validity will have been generated. The Certificate of Validity is based on the credibility of Easypromos as a reliable third-party who can guarantee the transparency and randomness of each giveaway. The certificate reassures participants that the organizer can’t repeat the giveaway in an attempt to obtain a different winner. Therefore, before you run the giveaway, make sure you have enough alternates to manage the prize without difficulties.

If you’re thinking of organizing a giveaway and you want more information about how to manage the alternates in a giveaway, check out these common cases.

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