How to set up the consent of the legal texts of the promotion

Any promotion or contest must have its own terms and conditions that regulate and inform users of the conditions of the promotion. In addition, when collecting data from users through the promotion, a privacy policy should also be written in order to inform participants of the company that is collecting the data and for what purpose they will use it. The company must also get the explicit consent from users for the treatment of this information.

The acceptance of the terms and conditions and the privacy policy by participants takes place in the entry form of the promotion by means of the checkbox, which allows users to accept the legal texts and give their consent.

In order to do so, the platform offers you two ways of configuring the check boxes:

  1. Simple mode
  2. Advanced mode


1. Simple mode

All Easypromos promotions incorporate a space where you can host the legal texts of your promotion, both the terms and conditions and the privacy policy, so that users can be informed of all the legal aspects of the promotion.

How to set up the legal texts

Go to the section Editor> General> Legal content > Terms and conditions, where you will have a field called "Content" in which you can upload the text of your terms and conditions:


In addition, in the "Privacy Policy" tab you will have the same field called "Content" where you can insert the text of the privacy policy.

When inserting the legal texts in the Promotion Editor, an opt-in box is automatically generated, which will be displayed in the promotion entry form. Both checkboxes will be of mandatory acceptance by users to be able to complete the registration process.


Do you have the terms and conditions hosted on an external site?

If you have the terms and conditions hosted on an external site, for example, on your website, blog or site created for the occasion, you can directly enter the URL where you have them hosted.
To do this, you must click on the option shown below:


Next, a text field to insert the external URL will appear:


Once added, the system will automatically add the terms and conditions’ checkbox to the entry form.

You can do the same to add the Privacy Policy if you have it hosted in an external site:



How to modify the text of the check box

By default, the checkbox comes with the text "I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions." But you have the possibility to modify this text if you need it. The text consists of two parts:


1. I have read and accept the

This text can easily be modified from the Promotion Editor, from the same "Legal content" section, where you will find the field "Label for acceptance checkbox":


Important! You must keep the parameter "% s" as it will converted into the link "Terms and conditions" of the second part of the text.


2. Terms and conditions

This text is actually a link that allows you to click on a small pop-up window with the contents of the terms and conditions. To change the text of this link, you must do it by using the "Dictionaries" tool. In the search box you will have to search for "Terms and conditions" and, from here, you will have a field available to modify this text for the one you want:


Once the Dictionary has been applied to the promotion, the default text of the acceptance box will be replaced by the text you have defined here.

NoteSee the tutorial on how to create and customize a Dictionary for your promotion.


2. Advanced mode

If you do not want to use the predefined Easypromos opt-in boxes, you have the possibility to
create your own checkboxes. This option can be useful in the following two situations:

  • When you want to control the order with which you want to present the check boxes.
  • When you want to unify the terms and conditions check-box and the privacy policy check-box in a single opt-in box.


How to set your own opt-in check boxes

Here's how you can create your own opt-in check boxes:


1. Go to the Editor> Entry form> Fields, click on the "Add Element" button and select "Opt-in field":


2. Next, in the "Title" field, add the text you want to show for this opt-in check box in the entry form. Use the <a href></a> tag to enter the link where you have the terms and conditions text.

ExampleI confirm that I have read and accept the <a href="terms_and_conditions_link">terms and conditions</a>.

This is how you should enter the text with the <a href> tag in the "Title" field:


Note: If you don't have a system to host the legal texts in your own web page, you can upload them in the section Editor> General> Legal texts> field "Content", and the system will generate a URL that will open the legal texts in web format. This is the link that you should put in the <a href></a> tag.


3. Finally, disable the predefined opt-in box by checking the option "Do not show the checkbox automatically":


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