2018-08-08 - Obtain link to each prize in the winners page of the promotion

When the "winners page" in a promotion is published, by default all prizes of the promotion are dispplayed, whenever they are configured as visible in the page.

This way, in case there's more than one prize in the same promotion, for example a promotion with a weekly prize draw, the "winners page" gives the administrator one single link to share with the results of the different prize draws carried out:


Even so, there are cases where it's more convenient to have a separate link to be able to publish the winners of each prize individually. To solve these cases, we have added the posibility to obtain a unique and different link for each of the prizes created in the promotion.

To obtain the link for each prize, you should access the Editor > Pages > Winners, where you will find a link icon in each of the created prizes that, when you click on it, will open a pop-up with the link for that specific prize where you can copy it to share it:



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