2018-09-04 - New ready-made templates

In order to help administrators in the creation of their campaigns, new ready-made templates have been added, available for administrators during the process of creating a new promotion.


By clicking on the button "View all templates", you can see the full list of available templates, including a search box to search by keyword, as well as a filter tool that allows you to search for templates in a quicker way by filtering by:

  • Application used: Facebook sweepstakes, Instagram sweepstakes, Sweepstakes with registration, etc.
  • Sector: Food and beverage, Pets and animals, etc.
  • Type of campaign: Summer campaign, Christmas, Halloween, etc.


Note: Currently, the list of templates offers templates for Facebook Sweepstakes, Instagram Sweepstakes, as well as a Sweepstakes with entry form in Premium version, but the list will be updated periodically with new proposals.


The pre-configured templates present the following features:

  • Pre-configured promotions, ready to edit and publish.
  • Draft text and instructions for participants designed to follow social networks rules and best practices.
  • Ready-made images, free to edit, use and share.
  • Detailed tutorial on how to set up the giveaway.


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