I want to create an Instagram giveaway but my Instagram profile does not appear. What can I do?

Instagram giveaway can only be created from business profiles, personal profiles are not accepted. A business profile must be linked to a business profile on Facebook, and the user who creates the giveaway must be an administrator of that Facebook page.

When the Instagram profile does not appear in the first step of creating the giveaway, it may be for 2 reasons:

  1. Facebook is not detecting that the Facebook profile you have connected has the role of administrator of the Facebook page linked to the Instagram account.
  2. Facebook is not detecting that Instagram's profile is a business profile.


In this tutorial we cover all the cases we have reported by which this case may occur and a resolution guide is proposed, but it is important to follow all the steps, in order to detect which can be your specific case.

Please, review all the steps in the order listed in the tutorial:

  1. Initial verifications
  2. Browser verifications
  3. App permissions verifications
  4. Instagram profile verifications
  5. Try it with another Facebook user


1. Initial verifications:

For your page to appear first check these three points

1. Make sure that the Instagram profile where you want to create the giveaway is a business profile.

NoteHere we explain how you can check if your Instagram profile is a business profile.

2. Make sure the Instagram profile is linked to a Facebook page. Check if the Instagram profile is linked to a Facebook page, from the Facebook page itself, in the Settings> Instagram section (see screenshot).

Note: Currently you can have a business Instagram profile and omit the link with a Facebook page. However, in this case Facebook also creates an unplublished business page on Facebook, which is linked to that Instagram profile. In this case, you'll need to claim that Facebook page in order for the giveaway to work. In order to claim the ownership of the page, open the Instagram profile from your mobile device and from the "Settings" section click on the option "Claim your Facebook page".

3. Make sure you are an administrator of that Facebook page. Other roles as editor, advertiser, etc., do not have enough permissions.

Note: In case you are an administrator because you have been given permissions from the business manager, make sure you have accepted the business administration permission of Easypromos.


2. Browser verifications:

In case you think that these three points are correct, we indicate below the step by step that you should do to solve it:

1. Clear cookies and browser's cache, and try again.

2. Open the browser in incognito/private mode, and try again.

3. Change browser or device, and try again.


3. App permissions verifications:

If you have followed these 3 steps, and it still does not work, the next check you should make is to make sure that the Easypromos application has access to the Facebook page linked to the Instagram account.

To do so you must reauthorize the Easypromos application, and verify that you give access permissions to the pages where you want to create the giveaway. To reauthorize the permissions, you must follow these steps.

1. Click on the "Does your Instagram profile not appear?"

2. A popup window will open and on Step 3 you'll see the "Reauthorize Easypromos" option.


3. Then click on the option "Ready! Click to allow access", which will open the permission acceptance window. Make sure you accept all the permissions and that you allow access to your pages:


If after following these steps your Instagram profile still does not appear, follow the steps indicated below:

1. Log out from the Easypromos dashboard.

2. Log in again in the Easypromos dashboard and create a new Instagram giveaway.

3. When connecting with your Facebook profile, the system will ask you to authorize the Instagram permission:



4. Instagram profile verifications:

If you have done these 5 steps, and it still does not work: it may mean that your Instagram profile may be affected by a Facebook bug:

The solution that Facebook indicates is to convert the Instagram business account back to personal account and then convert back to business account. This action will update the information that Facebook has about the Instagram profile.

For these cases, Facebook indicates the following steps as a solution:

1. Convert the Instagram business account to personal account and then back to business account. Sometimes it may be necessary to perform this step several times.

2. Clear cookies and browser's cache.

3. Close the session on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Close the session on the Easypromos dashboard.

5. Log in again in the Easypromos dashboard and try again.

Note: Keep in mind that when you make this change, the media insights will be lost so you may want to read and save the media insights before converting. Any active ad will also stop working.


5. Try it with another Facebook user:

In case that after having done the previous step, it still does not work:

Try it with another Facebook user who is also an administrator of the Facebook page.

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