2018-10-03 - Function of deleting the records of the file uploaded in a Pick-a-winner app

In the "Pick-a-winner" app, Easypromos will save the file with the records for a maximum period of 1 year after which Easypromos will proceed to delete the data.

Note: As we state in our Terms and conditions, Easypromos only uses details of its users to facilitate the successful operation of the promotions. Easypromos will NEVER utilize details of registered users for any other reason.

If as administrator you need to delete the file before, now you have the function of deleting the records of the file uploaded.

To do this, once the sweepstakes is finished, in the management page you will find the section "Delete file" to proceed with the elimination.


Note: Once the file is deleted, it can not be recovered. This action does not delete the result of the giveaway, it will only delete the uploaded file.

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