2019-11-01 - New feature: How to add posts from external collaborators to the giveaway

The Multi-Network Giveaway app incorporates a new feature that allows you to add participants from social profiles that you're not an admin of, to a giveaway that you've created. 

The system will let you send an invitation to the admin of the profile that you want to import participants from so that the admin can select the post and add it to the giveaway.

This feature is ideal in the following situations: 

  1. Co-branded giveaways: 2 or more brands that organize a joint giveaway, and each brand post about the giveaway on their social networks.
  2. Giveaway with influencers: Brands that use an influencer to promote their products through a giveaway.
  3. Giveaways with sponsored posts: In some cases, the dissemination of the giveaway is made through sponsored posts and it's the advertising agency that administers the ads account and they don't want to give access to the client. 


Discover the process to send an invitation to the external collaborator to be able to import the participants from a post on a social media profile that you're not an admin of

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