2019-01-25 - The certificates of validity will be published in the list of certificates after 12 hours

When a sweepstakes is carried out with the platform, the system automatically generates a certificate that validates that the draw has been carried out completely randomly and transparently with the Easypromos platform. All certificates of the sweepstakes carried out with Easypromos are published in the list of certificates which is public and accessible for any user with the objective of ensuring that the certificates can't be modified nor eliminated once they've been issued. 

Until now, after finishing the sweepstakes, the certificate was published on the list immediately, which meant that any user that knows about the list could know who the winners of a giveaway or contest were, even before the organizer had announced it.

With the objective of giving the organizer time to prepare the communication of the results of the sweepstakes, and be able to be the first to announce the winners, from now on, the certificates of validity are still generated when the draw is carried out, and the organizers will have the link to it so they can publish it if they wish, but the certificates will not be published on the list immediately, but 12 hours after the finalization of the draw

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