2019-01-06 - New anti-fraud restriction to not allow disposable email domains

To guarantee that only real users participate in a promotion, we've implemented a new control as part of the platform's anti-fraud system which consists in avoiding that users can sign up with "disposable" or temporary emails. Temporary emails can be created with different online tools and they make it possible to have an email address without having to establish a password, register, or creating an account, the only thing necessary is to make up any email address. They are disposable email addresses because they are eliminated automatically after a couple of hours. 

This new anti-fraud control is added to the already existing anti-fraud controls which all have the objective of minimizing fraud in promotions and contests created with the platform.

The temporary email restriction applies both to participants who fill in the entry form to participate in a promotion and to users who want to vote in a contest:


1. Users who participate through an entry form

If a user tries to sign up in the entry form of a promotion with a temporary email address, the user will not be able to finish the process because an error saying that the email address is invalid will show. 

This control is enabled by default in all promotions created with Easypromos. If you wish to disable the restriction, go to Editor > Pages > Entry form > Options > and in the "Anti-fraud options" section and untick the checkbox "Do not allow disposable email domains":



2. Users who vote

If a user tries to vote with one of these types of email addresses, the vote will not be counted and it will be marked as a "soft" alert.

Note: This control is enabled by default in all promotions and contests created with Easypromos, and in the voting system, it cannot be disabled.


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