2019-04-09 - New features and improvements in Broadcast Mode

To offer the administrators better tools to manage their promotions and giveaways, we've included the following news in the "Broadcast mode" feature, the feature that allows you to show the result of the draw in a graphic way:


1. Access to the Broadcast Mode via URL, now available for all Easypromos accounts

Until now, the feature of obtaining the Broadcast Mode video was only available for Easypromos accounts with an active Basic PRO plan or higher.

Now, all Easypromos accounts have access to a URL to the Broadcast Mode video that can be shared on social media and any online channel.

Furthermore, accounts with a Basic PRO plan or higher have access to the following additional options:

  • Customize the content of the Broadcast Mode presentation (copy, colors, etc.) to adapt it to the brand image.
  • Export the presentation as a video file for easier sharing on any channel.


2. Broadcast Mode is now available for draws in hosted promotions

Until now, the Broadcast Mode was only available in the quick giveaways (Facebook Giveaway, Instagram Giveaway, Pick-a-winner app, etc.).

Now we've added Broadcast Mode to the random draws that are carried out in the hosted promotions also (ie. Sweepstakes with entry form, Quiz, Recruiters Contest, etc.). 

Note: The Broadcast Mode is available in promotions in all versions of the platform (Basic, Premium and White Label).


3. Sound incorporated in the video presentation

The Broadcast Mode presentation has been completed with audio and sound effects that give your sweepstakes an extra touch of excitement and entertainment. See example.

Note: The exported video file does not contain the audio.

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