2019-04-11 - Improvements in the Quiz system

The Easypromos Quiz system has been updated with the following improvements and new features:


1. Improved performance in the "Quiz" section

With the objective of offering a more stable and intuitive control panel, the development team has applied performance and stability improvements to the different tabs in the "Quiz" section in the Editor > Pages > Quiz. 


2. Transition from one question to the next

We've implemented a transition effect to go from one question to the next:

You can even select the direction of the transition in the Editor > Pages > Quiz > Container:

  • Horizontal (by default)
  • Vertical 



3. The container is set to full height when there's more than one question in the quiz

When the quiz has more than one question, the container where the questions are displayed is automatically and mandatorily set to full height so that all questions are displayed in the same way. This helps to optimize the user experience on mobile devices by maintaining uniformity when the users go through the questions of the quiz.



4. Image + text answers in a compact style

When the answers in the quiz are composed of both image and text, these are united and presented in a compact format to improve the user experience, especially for mobile users:



5. Emojis now supported in questions and answers

We've enabled support for Emojis in question and answer texts to allow the promotion administrator to create more graphic content.

To do so, you will find the option to add emojis from the list of predefined icons in the text field of each question and answer:



6. New architecture to better be able to add new features

The quiz system has been redesigned using a new IT architecture that makes it easier to add and implement future improvements and new features. 


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