2019-04-29 - New system to assign 'On registering' prizes randomly

If several 'On registering' prizes have been configured and after applying the prize conditions, one user is set to receive more than one prize, the system will assign the user only one prize, and it will be done randomly from the remaining units of prizes.



Three different prizes have been created, all with 'On registering' assignment:

  • 10 T-shirts
  • 20 mugs
  • 30 pens

When a user signs up, the system will select a random prize among the 7 t-shirts, 12 mugs, and 20 pens. It's 100% random, so the remaining number of prizes of each type corresponds directly to the probability that the user will be assigned one prize or another.

Note: The random system to assign prizes will only be activated when the prizes have a limited number of units. If a prize has unlimited units, it will always be assigned and the random prize assignment system will not be used.


Read more in detail about how the direct 'On registering' prizes work.

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