2019-05-28 - New tool: Create an "Organizing brand" for all promotions and giveaways

In any promotion or giveaway there is always an organizing or promoter brand, which is the one that appears as the organizer in the terms and conditions of the campaign.

With the aim of helping administrators manage and classify their promotions and giveaways in their dashboard, we have introduced the concept of "organizing brand". This concept is independent of any social network and works as a folder within an Easypromos account, in order to help organize the promotions that the administrator creates in the account, whether they are direct giveaways (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) or promotions with entry form. 

This way, when creating any promotion or giveaway it will be a mandatory step to link the promotion or giveaway to an "organizing brand".

In order to do this, in the first step of the process, you will be able to select one of your organizing brands or create a new brand:


Once you have assigned the organizing brand to the promotion, you can continue with the configuration of the promotion or giveaway.

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