Tutorial: How to carry out Giveaways for events

Are you organizing an event and do you want to run a giveaway among the attendees? Here we introduce the "Giveaways for events" app that lets you organize a prize draw at the event to energize the activity and add a touch of surprise and entertainment to your presentation or seminar.


What you should know before beginning:

This application has the following pricing model:

  • Up to 20 participants: the giveaway is free.
  • Up to 200 participants: a Basic plan is required.
  • Up to 500 participants: a Basic PRO plan is required.
  • Up to 1,000 participants: a Premium plan is required.
  • More than 1,000 participants: contact us.


Index of this tutorial

  1. What are Giveaways for events?
  2. How to create Giveaways for events
  3. What you need and how to prepare for the day of the giveaway


1. What are Giveaways for events? 

"Giveaways for events" is the ideal app to run a giveaway during an event because it allows you to raffle prizes live during, for example, an event, a conference, or a meeting, with the aim of building a moment of intensity and excitement among the audience.

The giveaway works like this:

1. To participate, the audience has to pay attention to the screen where the instructions for participation and a countdown of the remaining time to enter will be displayed.

2. The attendees participate directly on their mobile phones: they have to identify with a name and optionally, you can ask them questions, in Survey mode or Quiz mode.

3. Once the time is up, the answers to the questions will be shown on the screen. The questions can be disqualifying so that only those that have answered correctly will enter the final draw. Next, the draw will be carried out and finally, the winners of each prize will be shown in Broadcast Mode.

In this video, you can see an example of a Giveaway for events:


2. How to create Giveaways for events

These are the steps you should follow to create Giveaways for events:


Step 1. Access the Control Panel

Access the Easypromos Control Panel from this link. If you're not an Easypromos user, create an account and sign in to the control panel to create and manage your promotions.


Step 2. Create the promotion "Giveaways for events"

Once you're in the control panel, click on the "Create new promotion" button to start setting up your giveaway.


Next, select the option "Giveaways for events".



You’ll now see the giveaway set-up screen. As a first step, you should select or create an organizing brand for your giveaway. This organizing brand is independent of any social network and works as a folder within your Easypromos account, in order to help organize the promotions that you create.


When you have entered the organizing brand and the name of the giveaway, click on the "Create" button.


Step 3. Set up the giveaway

The set-up of the giveaway is divided into 3 parts:

1. Entry form

Here you will find the following options:


A. Identification field: This is the field where the users identify themselves. It will be displayed on the main screen together with their unique entry number that will be assigned for the giveaway. Important: Don't ask for private data such as email address, ID no, etc.


B. Do you want to ask the participants some questions? This option allows you to add questions to the registration to add excitement to the giveaway. The result of the answers to the questions will be shown on the screen just before selecting the winners. You can set up the questions in two different ways:

  • Survey mode: ask the attendees their opinion.
  • Quiz mode: select the correct answer and only the ones that get it right enter the draw.

To create the question, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Add question".
  2. A pop-up will open where you can set-up the question:
    • Question text.
    • Answers (maximum 6).
    • Quiz mode: mark the correct answer.


3. When the answer is created, you can see the question(s) that will be shown in the giveaway.



C. Do you want to collect participants' email addresses? This option allows to enable a text field where users can enter their email address in the last step of the participation process.

Enabling this option requires the following points:

  • To add a "disclaimer": This is the text that participants will see under the email field. Here you should tell them why you want their email address and what will you do with it, and inform them that they can unsubscribe at any time and identify clearly who you are. You can use the text that we propose.
  • To add a link to your Privacy Policy: You can select one or create one from our Legal Texts editor (Privacy Policy templates available).

Note: This feature to capture the participants' email address is only available for clients with a Premium or White Label plan.



2. Prizes

To create the prize, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Manage prizes".
  2. A pop-up will open where you can set up the prize.


Do you have different prizes to give away?

You can create up to 8 different prizes and for each prize, you can select the number of winners. We recommend listing the prizes from lowest to highest value. The draw will be carried out in the same order as you create add the prizes and that way you will create more excitement for the last, most valuable, prize.

Note: If you've created Quiz questions, the draw will only be carried out among the participants that have answered all the questions correctly.

If there are fewer participants that have answered the questions correctly than prizes, the draw will not be carried out and a ranking of the participants ordered by the number of correct answers and entry time. You can give the prizes following the ranking.


3. Settings

In this section, you can set up the following options: 

  1. Available time for registering: You can give the attendees between 1 and 5 minutes to participate.
  2. Main color: You can customize the main color of giveaway screen.
  3. How many participants do you want, at most? Select the maximum number of participants in the giveaway according to the number of attendees at the event.


Step 4. Test your giveaway

Run a test to see how the giveaway works and see how it will be projected on the event screen.


You can also participate to test and experiment what the user experience will be like. You can do as many tests as you wish, and continue editing the giveaway options until you have the final version.



Step 5. Activate the giveaway

When you're ready to project the giveaway at the event, click the "Activate" button to get the final draw URL.



Step 6. Get the URL of the giveaway

When you activate the giveaway, two different URLs will automatically be created:


  1. Giveaway URL: This is the URL that should be displayed on the screen at the event. You should open it in a browser window on the computer that's connected to the screen. The screen should be in horizontal format (for example 16:9).
  2. Remote Control URL: This URL allows you to control the giveaway from another device, different from the computer that's connected to the screen, for example, the presenter's mobile phone. This way, from the mobile phone, the presenter can control the transition from screen to screen of the giveaway and have complete control of the rhythm of the giveaway. In addition, and to give more emotion to the giveaway, the presenter will be able to add animated GIFs during the projection of the draw.


Do you want to use the same giveaway for upcoming events?

Once the giveaway is finished, from the management page  you will see the "Copy" option available, which will allow you to duplicate the giveaway you have created to use it for a new event. The system will copy all the settings of the giveaway (texts, questions, color settings, etc.), but you will be able to make any changes you need to adjust it to your new event:



3. What do you need and how to prepare for the day of the giveaway

To organize Giveaways for events, you need to prepare all the material that you need beforehand, to run a successful giveaway on the day of the event.

To do so, we've prepared a Kit with 10 points that you should have under control before the event to make the giveaway run smoothly.


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