Tutorial: How to change the URL of the promotion

When you create a promotion, automatically a URL is created as well which opens the promotion in a web browser in what we call a microsite. This URL is available on the main management page of the promotion:



If you want to change the link to the promotion with a customized URL or your own domain, you have two options:


Option 1: Embed the promotion in your webpage

The Easypromos widget system creates an iframe code of the promotion, so you can embed the promotion on a webpage, landing page or blog.

So, you could, for example, have a domain that's called https://mydomain.com/promos and embed the iframe of the promotion on this page.

In the screenshot below, you can see an example of a promotion that uses the widget system to display the promotion on their own website by embedding the iframe code:



When sharing the promotion from the embedded widget, the URL that is shared is not the URL of the website where the promotion is embedded but the Easypromos URL:



Note: This option is available in all versions of the platform - Basic, Premium, and White Label. Discover all the available widget types and learn how to embed your promotion on your website.


Option 2: Use your own domain to display the promotion

This second option allows you to use your own domain to display the promotion and in this case, when sharing the promotion, it's the domain the administrator has configured that is shared.

So you can use your own domain for your promotion, for example https://promos.mydomain.com, which will open the promotion, and it will always be this domain that is used for it.

You can see an example of a promotion that has its own domain here: https://chocofun.top/

Here you can see that the URL in the address bar in the browser is the one that the administrator of the promotion has set up:


Here you can see that the link that is shared, when sharing the promotion from the sharing options, is the link that the administrator has set up:



This option gives the following advantages:

  • You can publish the promotion as a microsite with your own domain.
  • When users share the promotion, it's your own domain that is shared.
  • You offer the users an ideal graphic experience with a 100% responsive solution.

To set up this option, the promotion organizer should take the following things into account:

  • The organizer needs to manage, outside the Easypromos platform, the purchase of the domain that he wishes to use for the promotion (the cost of a domain varies depending on the provider but you can buy and host domains for around 50€/$ per year).
  • When the domain has been purchased, the organizer needs to configure the DNS of the domain to point to the IP of the Easypromos server:
  • When you set up the domain, the system will automatically generate the SSL certificate for this domain with HTTPS support. The administrator doesn't need to upload their own certificates.
  • When using your own domain for a promotion, you need to create a Facebook app to work with the configured domain. This allows the promotion's features to work correctly. 

Note: This option is only available with the White Label version of the platform. In this tutorial, you can see the steps to follow in order to set up your own domain for the promotion


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