2019-07-11 - Improvements in the "Giveaways for events" app

The "Giveaways for events" app has been updated with the following improvements and new features:


1. Edit the questions of the giveaway

Once you've created the questions of the giveaway, you will see the option of editing the question if you need to make any changes:



2. Arrange the questions and the answers to each question

To give the giveaway organizer more control, after the questions have been created, you will see the option of arranging the questions in another order if necessary.


You can also re-arrange the answers to each question:



3. Add animated GIFs to the main screen of the giveaway

To add a little fun to the giveaway screen while the attendees are participating, we've added the option of showing animated GIFs on the screen. The presenter can activate two types of GIFs from the remote control screen:

  • GIFs that express nerves on edge.
  • GIFs that express waiting time.


If activated, the GIFs will be displayed on the giveaway screen randomly.

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