2019-07-11 - Improvements in the Validation Portal

The Validation Portal, the tool to validate prizes given in a promotion at the point of sale, now incorporates these new features:


1. Possibility to validate codes that have been given outside of Easypromos

Until now, the Validation Portal could only be used to validate codes that were assigned to the users that registered in a promotion. But to expand the promotional options and to offer a more complex tool to the promotion organizers, we've now added the possibility to validate codes that were not assigned through an entry form in an Easypromos promotion, but were given to the users outside the Easypromos platform or offline. This can, for example, be a code sent in a newsletter or a code that is printed on a flyer, etc. 

To provide a solution to the validation of these codes, the organizer can now upload the codes, that have been distributed offline, to the platform to be able to validate them at the point of sale when the customer wants to redeem the code.

Learn how to use the Validation Portal to validate codes that were assigned offline.


2. Changes in the design of the Validation Portal

The Validation Portal has been updated with the following:

  • You can now add the brand logo as the header image.
  • You can add an optional text line with instructions or useful tips at the bottom of the page. For example: "For help, call this number xxxxx."
  • The background color of the Validation Portal changes from grey to white.
  • We've implemented corrections to optimize the visualization of the Validation Portal on mobile devices.


3. Changes in the Editor of the Validation Portal

We've changed the layout of the elements to make editing the Validation Portal more intuitive.



4. New set-up option in the "codesets"

We've added the option of adding an "expiry date" so it's now possible to enter a final date to be able to redeem the codes. This date is taken into account when validating codes in the Validation Portal.

Check out how the Validation Portal works and see all the features here.



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