2019-10-15 - New options in the "Copy promotion" function

The "Copy promotion" function has been reprogrammed with three improvements. Now when clicking on the "Copy promotion" button a popup window opens with the following options:


1. Checkbox that allows you to decide if you want to copy the prizes included in the original promotion.

2. If the original promotion is a Premium promotion, a checkbox appears that allows you to decide if you want to copy it but in the White Label version to take advantage of the features of this version.

3. Warning texts and information in case the system detects that the original promotion has the following functionalities configured:

  • Emails Platform: Emails will be copied but will be disabled. The administrator will need to review them and enable them to work.
  • Code set: The code set will be copied but without any code. The administrator must upload the new codes.
  • Custom domain: the custom domain is not copied. The administrator must configure it again in the copied promotion.
  • Twitter / Instagram integration: Integrations will not be copied. The administrator must connect again.


Note: In the case of promotions created with the Basic version, the option to copy the promotion to the Premium or White Label version does not appear.


Follow these step-by-step instructions to copy your promotion.

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