2019-10-01 - Launch of 5 new products and reorganization of the application categories

On October 1, Easypromos launched 5 new game applications meant for creating engagement, brand recognition and collecting leads:

Apart from these five new applications, we’ve also applied three changes that affect how the applications are displayed on the webpage as well as in the type selector in the control panel:


CHANGE 1: Reorganization of the application categories

Based on the introduction of the 5 new Easypromos games, we have reorganized the application categories. We have established 5 product categories that are divided in:

  1. Giveaways
  2. Contests
  3. Games
  4. Quizzes
  5. Coupons and Codes

In this image you can see the applications that are included in each category:



CHANGE 2: Promotion type selector in the control panel 

These five product categories have also been translated to the promotion type selector when you create a new promotion in the control panel:



CHANGE 3: Some applications have new names

Due to the reorganization of the application and categories and to the evolution of the platform itself, some of the applications have a slightly changed, new name. The products that have a new name are:

  • "Entry Form Giveaway" (before "Sweepstakes").
  • "List Giveaway" (before "Pick-a-winner app").
  • "Writing Contest" (before "Writing-based contest").
  • "Hashtag+Entry form" (before "Instagram Photo contest").
  • "Refer a friend" (before "Recruiters").
  • "Knowledge Quiz" (before "Quiz").
  • "Personality Quiz" (before "Multiple-choice test").
  • "Distribute Coupon Codes" (before "Coupon codes").
  • "Redeem Codes" (before "Redeem your code").

You can see the complete list of our applications here and access detailed information about how they work and all their features.

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