2020-03-23 - New feature in the "Wordsearch" game: Alphabets

The "Wordsearch" game has been updated with the option to select the alphabet we want to use on the Wordsearch board. The system offers the following predefined alphabets, but it accepts any UNICODE character that you wish: 

  • Latin
  • Arabic
  • Cyrillic
  • Hebrew
  • Greek
  • Polish
  • Emojis (the 30 most used emojis are included by default). See Demo.
  • Hieroglyphic
  • Custom alphabet

Furthermore, we've included the option of adding new characters to the alphabet, to be able to complete the selected alphabet with the characters that are not included by default. These can be special characters, for example, ñ, æ, ö, numbers or symbols, add more emojis, etc. 

Finally, we've also added the option "Custom alphabet" where you can add characters to create your own alphabet. These could be some examples:

  • Add the characters of an alphabet that is not in the list of default alphabets.
  • Add different emojis than the one added by default. For example, in the image below, we've added only fruit and foods emojis in order to create a Wordsearch game only with food for users to search for the combination of food products:



Tutorial: Learn step by step how to set up a Wordsearch game.

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