Tutorial: Create and manage promotion templates

"My templates" is a feature exclusively available in Corporate accounts. This feature allows the administrator of the account to create a promotion and convert it into a template available only to the agents of the account. This way, the agents can create a promotion easily in just a few minutes with the characteristics and the setup of the basis template defined by the administrator, for example, the design, the texts, and the terms and conditions.

Important aspects

1. The "My Templates" feature is only available in Easypromos Corporate accounts.
2. It's not possible to create templates from the apps Facebook Giveaway, Instagram Giveaway, Twitter Giveaway, YouTube Giveaway, Multi-Network Giveaway, List Giveaway and Event Giveaway.

In this tutorial, we explain how the administrator of the Corporate account can create templates, which benefits they give when managing the campaigns in an account, and how the agents of the account can use them:

  1. Description of "My Templates"
  2. Benefits of using "My Templates"
  3. How does it work for the administrator
  4. How does it work for the agents
  5. Can I see if a promotion was created from a template?
  6. Can I add additional instructions for use of the template?


1. Description of "My Templates"

"My Templates" is a feature that's designed especially to make it easier to create campaigns in the Easypromos accounts that have a team of agents creating promotions.

Using the feature, the Administrator of the account can create a basis template and work on different aspects of it, for example the design, the texts, the terms and conditions, etc. and make it available to the team of agents so they can use it to activate new campaigns. This way, the agents can access the template designed by the Administrator, copy it in their control panel and make the last necessary edits before activating and launching it, in just a few minutes.

Furthermore, the Administrator can control which agents should have access to the template through the "organizing brand" that is assigned to the template. This means, that only the agents that have permissions to the organizing brand linked to the template in question can access and use it. 


2. Benefits of using "My Templates"

"My Templates" give the following benefits in multi-user accounts: 

  • Minimize errors. The agent can copy the template that the Administrator has created with the basis configuration of the promotion. This will help avoid errors, especially in promotions that require additional or complex configuration, and possible slips from the agents.
  • Create promotions with the same graphic line of the brand. For each brand, the Administrator can create a template with a specific design that fits the graphic and corporative line of the brand. Furthermore, the Administrator can add CSS styles to the template to achieve greater customization. This means that the Administrator can leave the template ready for the agent to use, making sure that all the promotions of the brand use the same design.
  • Minimize the Administrator's support and supervision time. Making the pre-configured and designed templates available for the agents will give the Administrator less work later on, as the time they need for resolving questions from the agents and supervising the campaigns will be reduced.
  • Reduce promotion production time. Thanks to the pre-configured templates, the production time that the agents need for each campaign, is reduced considerably.
  • Launch interactive promotions for a specific campaign much quicker. For each new campaign that is planned, the agents can access the specific template, copy it and in a few clicks have it ready for activation and launch.


3. How does it work for the administrator

Next, we'll show the features that the Administrator has available:

  • Convert an existing promotion into a template. The Administrator can convert any type of promotion created with the White Label version into a template that the rest of the team can use for future campaigns. To do so, on the main management page of the promotion, the Administrator will find the button "Convert to template": my_templates_1.jpg
  • Specify the characteristics of the template:
    • Give the template a name. This is the name that the rest of the agents will see.
    • Add a description to the template
    • Add an image to the template
    • Add additional instructions. This option allows the Administrator to explain the steps the agents need to follow to use the template.
    • Select the organizing brand(s) that are linked to the template. It's necessary to select at least one, and it's also possible to select all. Only agents with permission granted to the organizing brand linked to the promotion can see and use the template.


  • Manage the templates in the menu section "My Templates", where the Administrator will find the following options:
    • Order, search for and filter (filter by application type and by organizing brand).
    • Edit the characteristics of the template.
    • Edit the characteristics of the promotion linked to the template.
    • Delete the template. my_templates_3.jpg

Below we will show you a 2-minute video of how to convert a promotion into a template that the agents can use:


4. How does it work for the agents

Here you can see how the agents can access the templates and use them for campaigns.

Access the templates

The agents will have access to the templates the Administrator has created from two places in the control panel:

  1. Column to the right in the control panel.
  2. From the Utilities menu > Templates.

Very important: The agents can only see and use the templates that have been linked to the organizing brands they have permissions to use.


When you use a template, the content of the template is copied as a new promotion that will be saved in draft mode. The title of the promotion will be "Copy of (name of template)", so the next step is to edit this field, as well as go through the details of the promotion before launching it, as for example the dates and other content that needs to be adjusted to the new campaign.

In the following video we will show you how an agent can use a template to create a promotion:


Agent roles

The features and options that the agent will have available depend on the role that the Administrator has assigned to each agent. These are the different roles:

  • Editor and Manager roles: The agent can create any type of promotion, including the templates created by the Administrator, as well as the Easypromos templates.
  • Basic Editor role: The agent can only create promotions from templates created by an administrator.
  • Designer and Analyst roles: The agent can't create promotions so they won't have access to any template.

Here you can find all the information about the different access roles that the agents can be assigned in the Corporate account.


5. Can I see if a promotion was created from a template?

Yes, from the management page of the promotion, it's shown if a promotion has been created from a template, which template the agent used, as well as the name of the agent and the date the promotion was created:


6. Can I add additional instructions for use of the template?

Yes, when the Administrator creates the template, they can add additional instructions for use to help the agent that will use the template. These instructions can be used to explain the items of the template that the agent needs to modify to adapt the template to the new campaign and that way minimize errors and the risk of missing important steps.


These instructions will be shown in the list of "Next steps" that is a part of the management page of the promotion, and has the objective of helping the user in the configuration of the promotion with a list of all the things that should be reviewed, as well as recommendations and good practices for a correct setup:


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