2020-04-21 - Customization of the score screen in the Games

In order to give the administrators more graphic customization options, we've added a new option in all the Easypromos games (Puzzle, Memory, Match It, Wordsearch, and Hidden Objects): the option of customizing the texts and colors of the score screen. This is the screen that the participants see when they finish a game where they can see a summary of the recently played game and their score. This screen is divided in:

  1. OK screen: This is the screen that shows when a user finishes the game in the established time.
  2. KO screen: Time: This is the screen that shows when a user has not been able to finish the game in the established time.
  3. KO screen: moves: This is the screen that is shown when the users have used all the moves they were granted without solving the game.

For each of these to parts, you can customize the following elements:


In order to customize this screen, we've added a new tab in the editor of the game called "Score screen" which is where you can customize:

  • Feedback message text: This is the text at the top of the screen which by default gives the following messages:
    • OK screen: "Good job!"
    • KO screen: Time: "Time's up!"
    • KO screen: Moves: "You ran out of moves!"
  • Background color: The administrator can change the background color of this screen to adapt it to the colors of the campaign and the brand.


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