2020-04-21 - Create and manage promotion templates in Corporate accounts

From now on, the Easypromos Corporate accounts have a new feature available designed specifically to make it easier to create campaigns in the Easypromos accounts that have a team of agents creating promotions: the feature is called "My templates" and allows the administrator of the account to create a promotion and convert it into a template available only to the agents of the account.


How does it work?

The Administrator of the account can create a basis template and work on different aspects of it, for example the design, the texts, the terms & conditions, etc., add instructions for the agents and make it available to the team of agents so they can use it to activate new campaigns.


This way, the agents can access the template designed by the Administrator, copy it in their control panel and make the necessary edits before activating and launching it, in just a few minutes.


Furthermore, the Administrator can control which agents should have access to the template through the "organizing brand" that is assigned to the template. This means, that only the agents that have permissions to the organizing brand linked to the template in question can access and use it.


Using the "My templates" helps organize and automate campaign execution in accounts with several agents who create and design the campaigns and promotions, because the feature will help minimize errors made by agents, create promotions with the same graphic line of the brand, minimize the Administrator's support and supervision time as well as reduce promotion production time.

Discover how the My templates feature in Easypromos Corporate accounts works.

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