2020-05-07 - Implementation of cookie management system following GDPR rules

With the objective of showing the cookies that are used for the functioning of the platform with greater transparency, we've developed a cookie management system following the rules defined in the GDPR.

Specifically, for the proper functioning of the promotions, the two following groups of cookies are used:

  • Technical cookies: these are mandatory for the proper functioning of the campaigns. These cookies are divided in two groups:
    • Our own technical cookies: these are mandatory for the proper functioning of the promotion.
    • Third-party cookies (social media): these are mandatory for features that allow sharing on social media, show social follow buttons, and for social login.
  • Analytical cookies: these are the cookies that allow measuring the number of page visits, based on Google Analytics.

The technical cookies - our own and third-party - are necessary and mandatory for the proper functioning of the promotion, but from now on, the participants can decide if they want to enable or disable analytical cookies.

To manage the cookies, the administrator of the promotion has the following setup options available in the Editor > General > Legal content > Cookies policy:

  1. First layer: Cookie notice.
  2. Second layer: Cookie manager.
  3. Third layer: Cookie policy.


1. First layer: Cookie notice. This is a small pop-up that opens automatically when the user lands on the promotion. This window tells the users that the promotion uses cookies for the proper functioning of the promotion. There is a default text that the administrator can modify if necessary. In this pop-up, there is a button to the "Cookie Manager" that opens in a second layer.


2. Second layer: Cookie manager. This gives the option of explaining in more detail about the technical cookies and the analytical cookies that the platform uses to work properly. This layer also includes a switch button that lets the user enable or disable the analytical cookies. If the user chooses to disable the analytical cookies, the Google Analytics cookies are disabled for this user.


Note: When the cookie system is enabled, Easypromos automatically deactivates the analytical cookies, and the user needs to accept or reject them explicitly. If the user rejects them, it will affect the visits insights of the promotion, since the user doesn't give consent to count it.

3. Third layer: Cookie policy. In this section, the complete text of the Cookie policy is included. There is a predefined text but the administrators can change it for their own text if necessary. If the administrators don't have such a text, they can download a template from the same section.


Additionally, the system registers if the user has enabled or disabled the analytical cookies, and this information is shown for each user in the list of participants. It is also included in the data exported through the different channels: CSV/Excel download, API and Webhooks.


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