2020-05-05 - Improvements in the mention + hashtag system for Instagram

The "Mention + Hashtag" app has been updated with the two following features:


1. Email notification in case the Facebook access token

In order to be able to monitor mentions on Instagram, it's necessary that the administrator of the Instagram account authorizes the Easypromos app to do so by accepting Facebook permissions. When the admin authorizes this, Facebook provides a temporary access token to monitor the mentions. Facebook can make this token invalid at any time and for different motives related to user security. If the token is no longer valid, the app can't monitor the mentions.The new system sends a notification by email to the administrator of the promotion to inform that they need to reconnect the Instagram integration to obtain a new access token. This system will allow to minimize the time the mentions won't be monitored.

Reminder: Instagram mentions can only be monitored in real-time.



2. Centralized management of access tokens

Related to the previous update, we've implemented a centralized access token system. The main benefit is that when an access token to monitor mentions is updated, it's automatically updated in all the promotions that are monitoring the same mention.

This makes it easier to manage in accounts that monitor a single mention but with several hashtags.

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